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Moments of pure bliss are commonplace when you cruise aboard the Whitsunday Blue.

The rainbow of colours you see through the bottom of your transparent kayak as you paddle along. The land-based wildlife you encounter on one of your bush walking expeditions ashore. Even the fresh food served in the catamaran’s saloon is a revelation.

And one of the most appealing aspects of sailing on Whitsunday Blue is the fact that there are only ever eight passengers. So you have the full attention of the crew, and your cruise can be tailored to suit your taste. You can experience the Whitsunday Islands to the full – both above and below the surface of the sea.

You can sail around your choice of 74 islands, dropping in on some of Australia’s purest beaches – Whitehaven for example – and photograph the aquamarine waters and swirling sands from Hill Inlet’s observation point.

Whitsunday Blue, at a glance 

  • Sleek catamaran with professional crew, carrying just eight passengers
  • Choice of four cabins, all with their own en suite bathrooms
  • Cruises tailored to your preferences
  • Beach and reef hopping
  • Netted foredeck, sun deck and cool, shaded areas
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling
  • Coral viewing by transparent kayak
  • Marine life observation with blue lights attracting fascinating undersea creatures
  • Air conditioned saloon serving delicious fresh, organic food, plus al fresco dining in the cockpit
  • Land excursions including bush walking

Where will Whitsunday Blue take you? 

Sail through the Whitsundays national park on a 2/3 nights journey, from Abell Point Marina at Arlie Beach to a selection of the surrounding 74 paradise islands.


  • It has been wonderful to discover that there remain places like this in the world, where one can find peace amid wild nature. This has been the highlight of our stay in Colombia and we look forward to telling our friends about it.

    ZA, Colombia