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Cook islands

The perfect recipe for a delicious holiday

The largest Cook Island is Rarotonga, all of 32 km around. Aitutaki, is not even that big. In total, the 15 drops of heaven collectively known as the Cook Islands cover just 240 sq km. Together they provide proof that small is very definitely beautiful.

Lost in over two million square kilometres of Pacific Ocean is a scattering of islands so insignificant in terms of acreage that the handkerchief of a mouse would seemingly engulf them. But that is part of their magic.

Their lack of size means that you can stroll out of your resort, take a local bus, and explore the island easily, finding your own perfect spot. And there are plenty from which to choose. Avarua, for example, is the capital of Rarotonga and it is tiny; yet it abounds in good restaurants, irresistible shops and local markets. From here you can visit towering inland mountain peaks for massive, panoramic seascapes. Or throw yourself – literally – into the kaleidoscopic marine world that awaits beneath the surface of the Pacific. The beaches and the swimming – on any of the 15 islands – are beyond compare. Especially if your luxury, tailor-made holiday to the South Pacific includes a short hop to the beautiful lagoon, powder white sand and pale azure waters of nearby Aitutaki Island.

But the sea is only part of the Cook Islands’ attraction. There are 4x4 safari expeditions to discover the wildlife and flora of the islands, guided tropical garden tours, game fishing trips…

Highlights of Cook islands

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