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If you were ordered away from the stunning turquoise lagoon, the perfect beaches, the idyllic island lifestyle and the welcoming people of Aitutaki…you might stage a mutiny too.

 The paradise island of Aitutaki has a fabled turquoise lagoon edged by a crescent of the purest white sand. Palm trees make picturesque silhouettes against a flawlessly blue sky. The feeling of being a million miles from the hassle of everyday life is complete.

In fact, Aitutaki is so beautiful, so beguiling in its warmth and welcome that it probably inspired that most notorious saga in British naval history; the mutiny of the crew of the Bounty. Just 18 days after Captain Bligh ordered his sailors to leave, they rebelled.

You, of course, have a less drastic option. You can simply plan to extend this part of your luxury, tailor-made holiday to the Cook Islands.

Aitutaki Escape, at a glance

  • Ultimately luxurious resort overlooking a fabled, turquoise lagoon
  • One bedroom villas have their own private pools, courtyards and beachfront decks
  • Two bedroom villas have extra bedrooms and lounging or dining decks
  • Picture postcard views of the lagoon, with direct, step-down access to the beach
  • Super king-sized, tented, handmade ironwood beds
  • Rustic-chic en suite bathrooms with wonderful garden views
  • Comfortable lounge areas with well-equipped kitchens
  • Elegant restaurant with amazing coral inlaid walls and superb food

For leisure and pleasure

  • Dive into the colourful underwater world of the lagoon with its corals and myriad fish
  • Go snorkelling from the beach
  • Explore the island’s eight villages and gain a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle
  • Escape to “the world’s most beautiful island” – Lonely Planet
  • Deep sea fishing expeditions
  • Take safari trips to learn about the nature of the island
  • Tennis and a fun golf course

  • What was particularly impressive was the way in which Catherine listened to what we like to do and combined all of this in a destination we would not have considered - a truly terrific effort.

    OL, Caribbean