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Bora Bora

Sleep in a bungalow that stands in the ocean

Three magnificent mountains point at the sky blue heavens. An age-old central volcano. A crystal clear, topaz lagoon. Over water bungalows standing in the ocean. Is this the world’s most beautiful island?

Take a mountain safari on a quad bike, or a 4x4 and stop before you reach the top to drink in the view. As you look down over the island, towards the blue horizon you could easily imagine your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Fiji has indeed taken you to the most beautiful island in the world. The tallest of Bora Bora’s three mountains – Otemanu - stands 727 metres high and stares down on the fabled Pahia. The island’s central volcano, meanwhile, is surrounded by motus, strung like jewels on a necklace across the waters of a stunning lagoon. Many are uninhabited, one of them hosts the airport. Others are home to exclusive resorts, typically featuring overwater bungalows standing with their feet in the ocean. So you have the chance to sleep above the sea – as well as bathing, diving, sailing, canoeing and jet skiing on it.


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    Bora Bora

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