Bienvenidos a Colombia!

Bienvenidos a Colombia!

Even Medellín is back on the map, its fashion-forward urban revival best seen in Comuna 13, a district once considered the most dangerous place in the country. Further afield, the coffee region with its unique landscapes and the tallest wax palm trees in the world is also safe and an absolute delight to explore.     

I only had seven days, not nearly long enough, but it still gave me time for a valuable insight into the intoxicating cultural mix of art galleries, museums and sophisticated night life that is common to each of Colombia’s great cities; to tour the verdant hills and plantations of the coffee region aboard one of the famous Willy Jeeps; and to stroll through the cobblestone streets of Cartagena, a UNESCO world heritage site and the colonial jewel in the country’s crown.

Nothing impressed me more though than the warmth and friendship extended to all visitors. Colombians are not shy to discuss their traumatic past, indeed they find it cathartic to do so, and some of the stories the guides shared with us were utterly captivating.

I fell in love with the country instantly. It is a very special place, and for all the right reasons now.”

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