A Gorilla encounter of the closest kind

A Gorilla encounter of the closest kind

The gorilla are more often than not found deep in the forest or hidden away up trees, so we were very lucky to chance upon them in an open clearing at the foot of a steep tea plantation. Clearly more used to the gorillas then we were, the tea pickers carried on working while we sat in silent wonder and watched these magnificent creatures munch on leaves and shrubs. Seemingly unperturbed by our presence, more and more of the family emerged out of the bushes during the hour that we were with them, the highlight being the Silverback who eventually woke from his morning nap. Weighing in close to 200kg, it was immediately obvious who was the boss! 


It was magical, animal therapy at its absolute finest, and I still cannot believe how close we were. There was a moment when one almost trod on my foot as he brushed past me to keep up with his brothers. My heart may have fluttered a little, but more from the thrill of a wildlife encounter that few get the privilege to experience.”


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