St Kilda

Popular Scottish Island Voyage

We also take the opportunity to visit one of the many whisky distilleries the areas known for. Although the main occupations on the islands are fishing, sheep farming and tweed production.

One of the trip`s highlights is the isolated outpost St Kilda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Scotland`s westernmost outpost. If the weather permits we will make a landing here and explore the island, where humans lived for hundreds of years totally isolated from the rest of the world.

At the cliffs around St Kilda we find the world`s largest population of gannets – over 60,000 pairs nest here. During the expedition cruise we also learn more about the area`s rich history, marked by Vikings, Celts, druids and clans.

The M/S Stockholm is a classic vessel built in 1953 for the Swedish National Maritime Administration. In 1999 she was totally refitted and started her career as a comfortable polar passenger ship. The M/S Stockholm exclusively carries a maximum of 12 passengers in outside twin cabins, all with upper and lower berth and private facilities.

She is a marvellous piece of maritime history with beautiful brass details and pine decks. No wonder the M/S Stockholm is loved by so many!

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