What exactly constitutes a short break?

There are no specific rules of course, but the most popular option is a long weekend with either Thursday or Sunday night included to give you a total of three nights away. So only one day off work.

The world may not be quite your oyster given these parameters, but you still have Europe (including Russia), the Mediterranean, northern Africa and the Middle East, as well as the eastern seaboard of the USA, to play with. And it may well act as a springboard for a longer and more ambitious holiday in the future when time allows…

The option below are designed with the May Bank Holiday in mind, but represent a very small selection from our extensive ‘short break’ menu.

A Long Weekend in St Petersburg: Grand palaces, gardens and an array of fascinating art collections and museums, St Petersburg is an exotic destination for a unique short-break.

Short Breaks in Northern Spain: Enjoy a three-night stay in Bilbao or La Coruña, Northern Spain, and immerse yourself in a region enriched with fiestas, delicious food, beautiful coastline, lush countryside and plenty of history.

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