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The Andean Crescent: Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, Arequipa

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A new addition to the Peruvian landscape connects three unforgettable locations. Puqio Lodge.

This secretive slice of luxury is opening its doors in August 2023. It will connect three unforgettable experiences not often explored by the crowds at Machu Picchu and the throngs in Lima. From the shimmering waters of Lake Titicaca to the great chasm of the Colca Canyon and on to the ‘white city ‘ of Arequipa, this adventure will open up the country to new eyes. 



This beautiful lakeside spot is unrivalled on either side of the border at Lake Titicaca and offers unique luxury at 4,000 meters above sea level. Not that you would think you were so far from the swell of the ocean as you look out of your window and are faced with the vast blue of a lake so big that Bolivia, a land-locked country, has its own Navy. 

According to the legend, the first Inca rose from the waters of Titicaca, which remained sacred to them for centuries, and it’s certainly easy to see why such an idyllic part of Peru inspired such awe. Get out on the water to explore the straw islands of Uros and Taquile to get a feel for how the lake has shaped the lives of the locals for thousands of years, so much as they’ve built their own floating island homes from local straw. 

The hotel itself offers 18 lake-view rooms, and we can arrange for explorations not just out onto the water but also into the Andes to observe the unique local birds or take advantage of the utterly clear skies to gaze upon the whole net of stars thrown across the high Andean night.




The Colca Canyon is one of Peru’s most impressive spectacles. Often looked over in favour of the more eye-catching headline sites, this enormous gorge northwest of Arequipa plunges to a depth of around two-thousand meters. This majestic setting is one of the perfect places in Latin America for spotting Condors, one of the world’s largest and most impressive birds, as well as visiting the pre-Inca terraced farms, cycling, hiking, and horse-riding. 

Puqio will provide a sumptuous luxury retreat high in the Andes, perfectly linking stays at Lake Titicaca and Arequipa. Carrying on the legacy of its sister hotels, you can expect wonderfully prepared gourmet food fresh from local sources, fantastic views from every room, and wonderfully attentive local staff with the knowledge to help shape your stay in the area into the perfect adventure.



Arequipa is known as the ‘white city of Peru’ due to the striking brilliance of its white colonial architecture and has long been a cultural centre for the country. Long before Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas-Llosa became the city’s most famous son, it was host to many great colonial writers, poets, intellectuals, and scribes who documented the history of the expanding Spanish Empire. The historic centre of Arequipa is full of incredible architectural treasures, from the Basilica Catedral to the Church of La Compañía, and the oldest part of the town is a maze of narrow streets dotted with bars and historical landmarks perfect for a slow stroll on a warm day. 

Cirqa, nestled in the historic centre, is a former monastery dating back five centuries and reflects the charm and style of the city in its design and cuisine. With a head chef who learned at her grandmother’s knee and showcases the simple brilliance of Peruvian gastronomy, this is the perfect destination to close off the Andean crescent.


Three stunning locations, three stunning hotels.

It’s not uncommon to find luxury in Peru, but there is something special about these three tucked perfectly into the sometimes intimidating terrain of the high Andes. They make you feel as though you can get off the beaten track, without ever getting lost. 

To include them in your bespoke Peru itinerary, simply get in touch with one of our expert travel consultants.