The exotic Rothschild Mynah

We have teamed up with Dr Lee Durrell of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey to create a wildlife and conservation adventure that will allow you to discover for yourself Indonesia’s spectacular variety of nature.

The Rothschild Mynah, otherwise known as the Bali Starling, is unique to Bali and currently sits on the critically endangered list, hovering just above extinction in the wild. The unusual-looking bird is almost entirely white, apart from black tips on the wings and the tail and the striking blue skin around the eyes.

The Ultimate Travel Company has recently sponsored two of these birds to breed and release into the wild during the voyage. The breeding of these beautiful birds is part of Durrell’s impressive conservation work.

Ultimate Travel director, Martin Thompson, will lead the expedition on board MS Orion departing from Singapore October 8th, 2014 and ending in Bali on October 20th. On the tenth day of the voyage, a visit to Nusa Penida island near Bali will be a conservation first. We’ll visit the Sanctuary and join the village in their Temple Ceremony to bless the pair of birds and release them into the wild.

For the opportunity to see this for yourself and for more information on the Durrell voyage. This once-in-a-lifetime trip also includes visits to traditional Indonesian villages, as well as snorkelling  in the ‘coral triangle’, visiting secluded beaches and setting foot on the island of Komodo to observe  its native and notorious dragons.