Ultimate Top Five Family Holiday Ideas

Given the day job and three kids in their mid to late teens, family holidays have been a major factor in our lives for as long as I can remember. As a family we love to ski, to surf in Cornwall, to sail in Croatia, and with the right weather conditions and a degree of luck, they are all wonderful experiences.

Now this may sound a little spoilt, but as time passes it can be difficult to recall one or other of them in any particular detail, and they tend to blur into one rather agreeable whole! This is unlikely to be the case with any of Ultimate’s ‘top five’ family holidays featured below.

My son, then ten years old and understandably apprehensive at snorkelling in the Pacific Ocean for the first time, still recounts in vivid detail coming face to face with a playful Galapagos sea lion pup that wanted to steal his face mask.

His sisters will never forget being woken from their reverie on an early morning game drive in the Masai Mara by the startled panic of a wildebeest dawn patrol when ambushed by a pair of hungry lions who had been using our vehicle as cover.

Seeing your children’s reaction to such experiences and the vicarious pleasure it gives you as a parent is every bit as good if not better than experiencing it for yourself. And you will be left with memories that never dim!

Top Five Family Holiday Ideas

1. Kenya Safari and BeachThe thrill of seeing the ‘big five’ is a truly unforgettable family experience. This itinerary combines a safari in the Masai Mara with a relaxing break on the Kenyan Coast.

2. Peru and the GalapagosAs a family you will discover the ‘Lost City’ of the Incas in Peru, and the captivating wildlife and exquisite natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands.

3. Indonesia, Reefs and RainforestsThe best time to go to Indonesia is in our summer, making this the ideal summer holiday for families seeking a combination of wildlife, beach and culture.

4. Al Bustan Palace, Oman

5. AustraliaOur Australia specialists, Bridge and Wickers, can tailor-make a family summer holiday to Northern Australia where the weather is perfect in July/August, or alternatively a two-week Winter Warmer to sunny Queensland and New South Wales.