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Waterfalls and Wildlife in Guyana

If Kaieteur was the highlight, then an evening spent with the Caiman Research Project ran it a very close second. 

Flight to Kaiteur
Flight to Kaieteur Falls

Based at Caiman House on the edge of Yupukari Village in the Central Rupununi of Guyana, the project marries professional herpetology with local knowledge to develop a better understanding of the country’s population of black caiman.

Aerial view-of Kaieteur
Aerial view of Kaieteur Falls
Kaieteur Falls - Johnsons View
Kaieteur Falls – Johnsons View

Caiman are night hunters, so the best way to find them is to wait for dusk and then take to canoes. Paddling down the river in the pitch dark, with just a flashlight for spotting, certainly got the adrenaline pumping, but our efforts were rewarded after an hour or so by a nine foot caiman waiting for us by the riverbank.

Catching the Caiman
Catching the Caiman

I was to be in charge of measuring the head and was feeling reasonably confident given that its mouth had already been taped by our team leader. Maybe less so after I was told to keep my legs well clear to avoid having my shins potentially broken by one powerful swish of its head! Measurements and weights were all taken without mishap thankfully and the caiman left to shuffle slowly back to the river. However, we were careful to keep our distance as they have been known to do a complete turn and lunge for their captors.”

Paul, Guyana, hosted by “Wilderness Explorers,” September 2016