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Travel to Costa Rica is possible throughout the year, however we would avoid September and October – the height of the rainy season – as wildlife is less visible and road travel can be challenging. The Pacific coast is at its driest and sunniest between December and April; and between March and September on the Caribbean coast.

January to April is peak tourist season with many visitors arriving to experience the country’s beautiful beaches, rich national parks and thrilling adventure sports. Although tropical showers are always expected in Costa Rica this period sees the least amount of rainfall. The ‘green season’, in November and between May and June, is also a wonderful time to visit. The national parks are less busy during this seasonal transition, and although rainfall is more common you can still expect warm temperatures and some sunshine.

Rainfall increases throughout July and August, but if you are not put off by the wet weather you can still enjoy the country’s exciting outdoor activities. Whale watching season kicks off around Dominical, and those who want to see green turtles can now do so on the coast of Tortuguero National Park. If you want to relax on the beach, the far North Pacific coast often sees sunshine during this period.

Heavy rains are expected from September up until the end of November, but this will have lessened considerably by mid-December. Early booking is essential if you want to visit over Christmas and the New Year.