Words simply cannot do justice to the sublime landscape of Guilin. An unforgettable region of limestone mountains, misty hillsides and paddy fields, take a cruise down the legendary Li River and you will be stunned by what nature can produce.

Described by an ancient Chinese saying as the “best under heaven”, the landscape of Guilin is not to be missed. This fabled region is home to some of China’s most classic natural scenery, such as the meandering Li River and dramatic Karst peaks, and has been the inspiration for generations of China’s painters.

Guilin, China | The Ultimate Travel Company

There is no finer way to soak up the ethereal beauty of the region than by taking a boat along the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo, where you will pass through time-carved valleys and local people in their traditional fishing vessels. Yangshuo is known for its enchanting scenery and is a great spot from which to explore the surrounding countryside. Why not visit Fuli, a quaint village of cobbled streets and ancient traditions.

Biking and trekking in the area around Guilin is extremely rewarding and allows you to get off the beaten path and discover beautiful minority areas. After a day’s adventure, you can unwind by the river and watch the local fisherman at work.

If you’re interested in adding the dramatic watercolour landscape of Guilin to your luxury, tailor-made itinerary to China, then just get in touch with one of our experts.

Guilin, China | The Ultimate Travel Company
Guilin, China | The Ultimate Travel Company


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