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A neon-lit capital of epic proportions.


A neon-lit capital of epic proportions, Tokyo exceeds all expectations. The city itself is built on captivating contrasts, a dazzling mix of the old and the new. Energetic streets give way to tranquil gardens and towering skyscrapers rub shoulders with ancient temples.

A city that has been fascinating travellers for many years, Tokyo delights with its infectious energy, quirky cafes and buzzing nightlife. Not to mention the food is out of this world. With a super-efficient transport system, it’s easy to get around and explore.

Head to Ginza for world-class dining and haute couture, as well as a chance to see the famous Tsukiji fish market where you can feast your eyes on a myriad of fresh seafood. Nearby Akihabara is perfect for getting a taste of Japan’s love for manga and electronics, whilst trend-setting Harajuku offers up chic boutiques and tasty fast-food outlets.

Tokyo, Japan | The Ultimate Travel Company

You could also explore Asakusa, Tokyo’s last remaining Geisha district, where you will find the beautiful 7th century Sensoji temple. A recent addition to the area, the soaring Tokyo Skytree offers fantastic views across the city.

For a change of pace, escape to the peace of Shinjuku Gyoen, one of Japan’s loveliest landscape gardens. Though charming year-round, the garden really comes to life in the cherry blossom season when it fills with pink and white flowers. When you’ve finished exploring, head to the buzzing Shibuya district to experience Tokyo’s best nightlife. Be sure to walk the famous Hachiko intersection, an iconic junction crossed by one million people daily!

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Tokyo, Japan | The Ultimate Travel Company
Tokyo, Japan | The Ultimate Travel Company


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