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The tension and excitement is palpable. The faint drumming of hooves becomes a thunderous roar. Louder than a cataract, more fearful than a cavalry charge. Then they’re upon you. It’s an explosion of noise, energy and colour. This is horse racing Mongolian style.

If you think of yourself as an intrepid traveller, we would like to introduce you to a destination that will satisfy your urge to discover the untouched, the unvisited, the untamed.

Mongolia is a wilderness; rich in vast open skies, framed by unbounded horizons and peopled by nomads who feel – and share - the intensity of life. Talk to Daniel Mills, our expert on Mongolia and he’ll reveal a country like no other. Where the western world hasn’t penetrated. Where jockeys as young as six race horses across 30 km of unforgiving plains. Where local festivals are fabulous displays of celebration, horsemanship, archery, wrestling, dancing and colourful traditional dress.

As Daniel explains, two factors typify the Mongolian experience. Firstly, this enormous land has just 400 km of surfaced road, so you really are journeying ‘off the beaten track’, across landscapes so great that they will defy your camera to capture their magnitude and isolation.

Secondly, the nomadic people are so welcoming of strangers - and mindful of the traditions of hospitality in a land where human beings are a precious rarity - that they never lock their ger tents whilst they’re away, in case a passerby needs rest and sustenance.

Experience the ultimate, modern-day travellers’ adventure. Journey into the unknown. Travel to Mongolia; the welcoming vastness of a world apart.

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