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Whether it’s along an iconic Everest trail or through the beautiful foothills of the Annapurnas, trekking is the only way to discover the true heartbeat of Nepal. Home to eight of the world’s highest peaks, Nepal is a honeypot for hikers, but you don’t have to be a hard-core mountaineer to enjoy its majestic landscapes.

The charm of Nepal is that it is largely without roads. Access to its interior is by ancient trails that link isolated villages where life has changed little over the centuries. While we can organise adventures of any duration and difficulty, a Himalayan trek doesn’t have to reach dizzy altitudes. There are many gentler walks in the foothills that stay below 10,000 feet but still offer spectacular mountain views.

The Everest region (known locally as Solo Khumbu) is Nepal’s most iconic trekking area, with mountains unmatched in scale and majesty. As well as outstanding views of the world's highest mountain and its neighbours, Lhotse and Nuptse, trekking in the Everest region will introduce you to ancient villages steeped in tradition, golden-roofed monasteries and the warm hospitality of the Sherpas who farm the land in the shadow of these monumental peaks. No Everest trail is ever easy, but Yeti Mountain Homes has six trekking lodges spaced just a short day’s walk apart to ensure that acclimatisation is gradual.

A glittering wall of ice stretching some 30 miles above the lakes of Pokhara, Nepal’s Annapurna Himal is one of the world’s most majestic mountain panoramas. Though lesser known than the Everest region, Annapurna has no less than eleven summits above 23,000 feet and enchanting trails leading through small hamlets, terraced rice fields and wild oak forests. The combination of magnificent views, accessibility and variety of trails make this one of the most popular trekking destinations in the Himalayas.

With seven lodges in key locations (courtesy of Ker & Downey), you can hike the beautiful Annapurna foothills with the promise of a warm bed and hot shower at the end of each day. Trekking itineraries are flexible and allow time to visit local villages and really absorb the spirit of the country.

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Yeti Mountain Homes Trekking in Nepal

No Everest trek is ever easy, but a comfortable lodge rather than the cramped confines of a tent at the end of each day will certainly ease the burden. From 

Ker & Downey Basanta Lodge, Dhampus Trekking in Nepal

Whatever draws you to the idea of trekking through the uplands of Nepal, you’ll find Basanta Lodge will fulfil your most preciously-held expectations. The extraordinary Annapurna Range of soaring mountains, with their valleys that …

Ker & Downey Gurung Lodge, Majgaon Trekking in Nepal

Built in the style of a traditional Gurung village, the buildings of the cosy and comfortable Gurung Lodge (a Kerr & Downey lodge at 4,620 ft) sit in extensive gardens on the edge of the village …

Ker & Downey Himalaya Lodge, Ghandruk Trekking in Nepal

The lodge is constructed around a 19th century Gurung village house and accommodates 18 guests in an attractive and traditionally designed bedroom wing with a covered veranda.

Ghandruk, with its attractive slate-roofed houses, is …

Ker & Downey La Bee Lodge, Landruk Trekking in Nepal

You sit on the terrace outside the main lodge and wonder at the awesome nature of planet Earth. Before you the mighty Annapurnas march off into the distance, the mountain winds blowing white clouds from …

Ker & Downey Mala Lodge, Tomijong Trekking in Nepal

There are fewer more remote spots on the planet, and it is difficult to imagine one with a more breath-taking collection of views. But reach the heights of Mala Lodge on your tailor-made holiday to …

Ker & Downey Sanctuary Lodge, Birethanti Trekking in Nepal

The lodge offers an unusually high degree of style and comfort. Hand-built by local craftsmen, the lodge accommodates just 18 guests in spacious and comfortable en suite rooms. There is also a central lounge / dining area …

Ker & Downey Seti River Camp, Dharampani Trekking in Nepal

The road – such as it is – comes to an end at Damauli, and you still have a substantial distance to go before you catch your first glimpse of Seti River Camp. Your luxury, tailor-made holiday …

Ker & Downey Three Mountain Lodge, Bandipur Trekking in Nepal

It is an almost unvarying rule of travel that the more remote the destination, the more rewarding the experience. Rule or not, it is certainly true of Three Mountain Lodge. From Kathmandu, you drive south-west …


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