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Komodo Island Luxury Holidays & Tours

Roamed by the world’s largest lizards, spectacular Komodo Island – with its jagged, volcanic hills and pink sand beaches – is protected as part of a designated national park.

Part of the Lesser Sunda chain, Komodo and neighbouring Rinca are two of the largest islands in Komodo National Park, a UNESCO-protected sanctuary for the fabled Komodo dragon. Other than a few small fishing communities, these islands are virtually untouched and visually spectacular, with steep hillsides that transform from a deep emerald to a rusty, volcanic red through the seasons.

The chance to walk amongst the legendary ‘dragons’ of Komodo is what draws most visitors. Three metres long and weighing up to 100kg, these fearsome, prehistoric reptiles saunter the rugged confines of Komodo Island, hunting deer and other small mammals.

Seeing these extraordinary creatures in the wild is an unbeatable experience, but Komodo also boasts some of the most diverse marine life on the planet. Beneath the waves divers can see intricate coral species and big schools of colourful fish as well as eagle and manta rays, resulting in some unforgettable underwater adventures. Hiking is also rewarding, with everything from gentle treks to steeper hikes venturing over peaks and into deep valleys.

Discovering the islands, beaches and reefs of Komodo can be enjoyed in relative luxury aboard a chartered vessel.


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    Komodo Island Luxury Holidays & Tours

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