Prepare to visit a place where you’ll have time to relax and let your spirit breathe.

Sit on a mountain overlooking the Ararat Valley at sunset and take a sip of your Armenian brandy. It’s not Cognac, but it has a smooth character that only time can instil. Rather like the country itself.

Besides its rather wonderful Ararat brandy, Armenian has a spiritual side that perhaps you wouldn’t expect until you’ve visited. And it manifests itself in various ways.

One of our consultants explained it as a sensation of peace and will happily describe to you the moment when you realise that not only are you walking at the relaxed pace of the locals, but your thinking has also become attuned to the slower, more considered, Armenian way of life. Which is excellent news if you’re the sort of person who believes holidays are about relaxing, appreciating your surroundings and understanding the places you’re visiting.

Places like the Hellenistic temple at Garni, built within a 3rd century BC fortress. Or the nearby Geghard Monastery – a cathedral literally hewn from a solid rock cliff face. We also suggest spending time absorbing the spiritual atmosphere of the ancient monasteries at Haghpat and Sanahin. Situated virtually next door to each other, they are two of Armenia’s most famed UNESCO World Heritage Sites and have been constructed and extended over many ages – beginning in the 10th century. Today they represent the glory, intellectual activity and cultural heritage of Armenia.

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