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The Ice Hotel, Swedish Lapland

The must-see Aurora Borealis. A mind-boggling ice sculpture you can actually stay in. One of Europe’s hottest bars. How cool is that?

Cosmic particles from outer space, drawn to the pole by the planet’s magnetism? Great curtains of multi-coloured lights, dancing like spectres in the night sky? If you pride yourself on being something of a traveller and a connoisseur of destinations, you simply have to experience the Northern Lights.

Similarly, you have to stay – at least once – in the Ice Hotel. Forget igloos, this is a fantastical sculpture, carved from ice into a winter palace like no other. Expect crystalline chandeliers and ornate carved doorways leading to bedrooms with ice sculptures and ice murals on the walls. This is an art project on a grand scale and – at -5ºC – as ephemeral as temperature itself. And it includes a very chilled bar serving cool cocktails, wine and cold beer. Now that’s hot!

The Ice Hotel, at a glance

  • Two unforgettable experiences – watching the Northern Lights and sleeping at -5ºC
  • Choice of individual, curtained rooms and suites
  • Ice block beds on wooden bases, with reindeer skin mattresses
  • Double or single sleeping bags and warm clothes, hats and gloves provided
  • Bathrooms and sauna in the adjacent warm rooms
  • Two restaurants – one traditional and the other modern – also in warm rooms

For leisure and pleasure

  • Excursions to see the Northern Lights
  • Dog sledding and snowmobiling
  • River rafting and canoeing
  • Skiing and winter sports
  • Ice driving and sculpting
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Moose, reindeer and horse trekking
  • All dependent on season

  • The company is by far the best we have ever used... In fact, wherever we have travelled we have made a specific point of mentioning the company to anyone we meet.

    IR, Maldives