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Sanctuary MS Sun Boat IV

Sanctuary MS Sun Boat IV Sanctuary MS Sun Boat IV

Chic and modern are the two watchwords that epitomise Sanctuary’s MS Sun Boat IV, but much of its appeal stems from the cruiser’s Art Deco lines and classic period styling. The effect is a sense of timelessness that effortlessly compliments the cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art furnishings. Teak decks, for example, are completely at home beside a modern swimming pool with in-water loungers.

Cast your eyes beyond the detailing of Sun Boat IV and you’re plunged into another era altogether. A time when pharaohs built incredible gateways to eternal life. When vast statues of long-departed kings and queens stared impassively down at the ebb and flow of life on the mighty Nile. And it is to this world that Sun Boat IV will transport you. You’ll tour, in the company of expert Egyptologists, the Valley of the Kings. You’ll marvel at statues of Sobek – the crocodile god – in the Temple of Kom Ombo and wander through forests of decorative pillars in the Temple of Karnak. You’ll also have time to indulge yourself aboard. Sun Boat IV specialises in sumptuous evening buffets presenting the best of Egyptian and international cuisine. You can even don a galabeya and dance Egyptian-style to the rhythms of local musicians.

Sanctuary MS Sun Boat IV, at a glance

  • Ultra-luxurious modern cruiser with sleek Art Deco-inspired lines
  • Choice of 40 spacious cabins, plus two Royal Suites, arranged over four passenger decks
  • All with huge windows for fascinating views over the river and its banks
  • Glamorous en suite bathrooms and showers
  • Individual air conditioning
  • Swimming pool and shaded sun deck
  • Gymnasium and massage room
  • Extravagant buffets, barbecues and fine, a la carte dining
  • Lounge bar, gift shop, library and games room with internet access
  • Galabeya parties, whirling dervishes and belly dancing

Where will Sanctuary Sun Boat IV take you?

  • 3 night cruise downstream from Aswan to Luxor
  • 4 night cruise upstream from Luxor to Aswan

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Sanctuary MS Sun Boat IV
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