Iran; not the most obvious choice of destination, but perhaps all the better for that. It means you don’t have to share this fascinating country’s archaeological treasures, its ancient cities, its astonishing sights and welcoming culture with quite so many visitors.

It may sound like a cliché, but wander around the National Museum in Tehran and you will be taken back in time – to a land of far-distant culture. To a place that was a hub of trade and learning, situated between the ancient civilisations of Europe and Asia.

Step outside the museum and you’ll still be immersed in a timeless atmosphere. The Hafez Tomb in the Old City of Shiraz, for example. Or the excavations at Persepolis, or Shush or Turang Tappeh. They all bring the forgotten centuries back to life.

Talk to Nabila – our expert on Iran – and more wonders will be revealed. Like the awe-inspiring architecture of the Friday Mosque in Yazd – a city of wind towers designed to waft cooling breezes into the houses beneath. Or like Isfahan with its shaded boulevards, covered bridges, outrageous palaces, impressive mosques and soaring minarets. You’ll find yourself lost (in wonder) amongst the terraced pools, fountains and ancient Persian walls of Mahan’s Garden of the Princes. And, perhaps most appealing of all, you’ll meet naturally friendly, well-educated and welcoming Iranian locals, and become infected by their sense of pride in their culture.

Talk to us about planning your tailor-made holiday to Iran.

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