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The epitome of North Africa? The souks and markets, cities and towns, desert and mountains of Morocco

Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez. Does any country on Earth have more romantic sounding cities? Morocco is home to them all – plus the Sahara desert, the ‘Pillars of Hercules’ and the Atlas Mountains.

Sit on the upper terrace of a traditional café overlooking Jemaa El Fna and sip your mint tea as the heat slips out of the sun and the mosques of Marrakech begin to dissolve into silhouettes. The sky will be serene, yet below you the market square is taking on a new life. Rows and rows of outdoor restaurant serve sizzling food. There are snake charmers and monkey trainers, water sellers and story tellers, apothecaries and drapers. It’s a magical scene full of life and colour and energy.

This is Morocco. As it is now and as it has been for centuries. Grand souks and intricate winding alleyways crammed with craft shops and tiny, two-man factories producing lanterns and hookahs, cutlery and jewellery. Cool silent mosques, luxury hotels, courtyard houses glimpsed through mediaeval wooden gates.

And beyond the teeming, endlessly charming cities are the imperiously majestic Atlas Mountains, Berber fortresses appearing like mirages and the drifting sands of the mighty Sahara.

Ask our expert Nabila Cash for a tailor-made holiday to Morocco and prepare to be immersed in one of North Africa’s most vibrant countries.

Morocco itinerary ideas

These example itineraries will give you an idea of the kind of tailor-made holiday we can create for you. They range from trekking in the Atlas Mountains to luxury beach escapes, as well as fascinating tours of Morocco’s imperial cities. Whatever your interests may be, we will personalise your trip so that it fits you perfectly.

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