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Desert Nights Camp, Wahiba Desert

The best way to experience the awesome, rolling beauty and mountainous dunes of the Omani desert? Stay in the rich luxury of a contemporary Bedouin tent.

The emptiness, the sheer size and the uncompromising nature of the Wahiba desert has a romantic appeal all its own. As a visitor you become infused with a sense of adventure; whether you’re serenely gliding across the horizon on the ‘ship of the desert’ – a surefooted camel – or powering up the side of a mighty dune aboard an all terrain vehicle.

Make sure that Desert Night Camps in part of your experience – put it on the itinerary of your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Oman – and you’ll discover the desert has yet another dimension. You’ll be staying in a sumptuously appointed, modern day, Bedouin-style tent. Complete with canopied beds, fantastic designer bathrooms, gorgeous fabrics, local Arabian artefacts and the bewitching fragrance of frankincense and myrrh. A true ‘Arabian Nights’ experience.

Desert Nights Camp, at a glance

  • Bedouin-style, desert encampment surrounded by timeless, golden red sands
  • Choice of 24 double, tented suites, two family-sized tented suites and four standard (non-tented) rooms
  • Linen canopied beds
  • Extravagant en suite bathrooms
  • Magnificent views over the Wahiba desert
  • Gorgeous array of fine fabrics
  • Private sit-outs
  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Exquisite food served in luxurious enclosed or open air Two Dunes restaurant
  • Shuwa barbecues around a desert campfire
  • Oasis cocktail bar

For leisure and pleasure

  • Romantic desert excursions, including sunset camel safaris
  • Dune trekking
  • Sand boarding and quad biking
  • Tours of the historic old fort in Mantrib, the intriguing Wadi Bani Khalid and sandstone ridges
  • Cultural visits to an authentic Bedouin family home
  • Shopping expeditions to a busy local souk
  • Powerful telescope for crystal clear star-gazing
  • Traditional music from a Bedouin band and Omani oud player
  • Recreation lounge
  • I am unable to express sufficiently my thanks and admiration for the constant care and organisation you put into this journey.

    DH, Argentina