Extension: Calgary Stampede

Extension: Calgary Stampede Extension: Calgary Stampede

Combine a trip to Canada with the mother of all rodeos – The Calgary Stampede.

If you’re a believer in seeing the best the world has to offer, you’d celebrate Mardi Gras in Rio or New Orleans. You’d go to London’s Notting Hill for the carnival, and Venice for theatrical masked festivals. So if you want to extend your holiday to experience the world’s ultimate rodeo then Calgary, the gateway to the Canadian Rockies, is your destination of choice.

Here they don’t just ride bucking broncos, they ride raging bulls. They wrestle steers and rope cattle with astonishing deftness. In the dust and the heat and the noise of the ring it’s a pretty even contest between man and beast – with the crowd cheering valiant performances by both sets of protagonists.

In the evening the action is just as hard and fast. Circus-style daredevils perform breath-taking stunts and wagons race like old-time chariots. And then there’s the traditional square dancing - on a grand scale - colourful parades, marching bands and sky-painting fireworks. Stampede into Calgary; you will not be disappointed.

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