Arctic Canada

On the edge of the ice floe, the wildlife is hot

The polar bears of Hudson Bay. The musk ox and caribou of Nunavik. The huskies at Inuvik. The wheeling flocks of seabirds, the giant walrus, narwhales, bowhead whales and belugas. They all welcome you to the edge of the Arctic.

At the very edge of the Arctic ice floe is where another world begins. A place that has shaped the creatures that thrive in its extreme environment. A place where the sky is illuminated by the fantastical colours and shapes of the Aurora Borealis. A place you will never forget. On the coast of Hudson Bay you’re invited to camp in an isolated cabin and encounter polar bears, close up, in the wild.

In the Torngat Mountains – the most remote range in Canada – you can watch one of the world’s most bizarre natural phenomena, the Northern Lights, as they twist and sing their way round the sky.

On Baffin Island you’ll exercise your camera to its limit in Auyuittuq National Park with its jaw-dropping glacier and snow-white polar bears. But save some memory cards for the edge of the ice floe itself. A boat will take you alongside mighty walrus the size of small cars, whilst enormous bowhead whales and curious belugas play alongside. Murre, kittiwake, guillemot and ivory gulls will also scream for your attention as they soar above the chill, ink black waters. Then there are the bears, musk ox and caribou of Nunavik, plus dog-sledding at Inuvik’s Arctic Chalet…

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