Kelowna and Okanagan

Orchards and flower groves, wineries and vineyards

Rivers meander through pastoral valleys. Lakes reflect the surrounding mountains and white cloud-puffed sky. Trees hang heavy beneath their burdens of ripening fruit. Acres of manicured grape vines promise a rich harvest of fine wines.

 Great rugged rocks soar up out of the valley, seemly intent on piercing the sky. Yet at their feet, a gentle river ambles peacefully through the valley. It’s a scenic contrast that is further enhanced by the ordered vineyards that roll slowly down to the nearer bank of the river. Row after row of carefully tended plants, marching off into the distance like grape-laded soldiers. The Thompson Okanagan and Kelowna region is full of such contrasts – places where man has moulded the natural fertility of this great land to create a rich variety of fruit farms and ranch lands, estate vineyards and fine wineries. The agricultural diversity has resulted in gorgeous scenery in its own right, yet there are also huge areas of natural landscape, inviting your exploration. You could, for example, cycle around the mountains, on a part-boardwalk road experiencing the world at treetop height – or simply sit back and sample the local wine.

  • We were asked 2 or 3 times 'how did you find this place?' which was well off the usual tourist track. Answer: we didn’t, our agent (you) did!

    CWW, Chile, 2014