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Leading edge comedy festivals and world class jazz events. One of North America’s largest cathedrals. Literally thousands of shops and any numbers of galleries and museums. Montreal is one of Canada’s liveliest cities. Montreal prides itself on its energy, and on being different. Take a walking or cycling tour around Montreal’s old quarter and explore the traditions upon which this great city was founded. High gabled buildings boast colourfully decorated skylight windows. The Notre-Dame Basilica dominates the skyline with its grand dome. The downtown quarter around St-Catharine Street offers over 3000 shops, and the huge list of museums includes the famous McCord Museum of Canadian History. As you might expect of a city that has a strong French influence, there is an oustanding choice of excellent restaurants, bistros, bars and cafés to choose from. There’s a bohemian atmosphere too. The Montreal Jazz Festival – held in June each year - features hundreds of world class players taking part in over 400 different shows and events. And the Just For Laughs Festival attracts thousands of comedy lovers every summer. As an entertaining destination, Montreal is definitely not to be laughed at.

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Hotel Nelligan, Montreal Montreal

Hotel Nelligan is not the only reason, of course, for making Old Montreal part of your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Canada. But it is a true destination in its own right and it will, most …

Ritz Carlton Montreal Montreal

Renowned for its blend of classic elegance and modern luxury, this historic hotel has been setting the standard for luxury in Canada since it opened more than 100 years ago. Occupying a landmark building in downtown …


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