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Quebec City

Where Canada’s history comes alive

A unique walled citadel. An acclaimed UNECSO World Heritage Site. An extravagant chateau and the Plains of Abraham. Quebec Parliament and the Old Port. A warm welcome and a festival of carved ice. You might expect to be able to trace Canada’s history by walking around the streets of Quebec City – it is, after all, the country’s second oldest European settlement. But would you expect to find the only walled city north of Mexico? Would you expect a Citadel perched high on the soaring Cap-Diamant, with its commanding views? And will you be surprised to find such a strong French influence – not just in the style of grand buildings like Chateau Frontenac and the Quebec Parliament, but in the conversations overheard in the Upper Town’s local shops, markets, restaurants, bistros and cafés? It’s an influence that continues down into the Lower Town, where you’ll discover the Old Port of Quebec and, fittingly, the Naval Museum of Quebec; absorbing attractions that are complemented by Place- Royal, site of New France’s first permanent settlement. Visit in winter and you’ll be immersed in a carnival that showcases ice sculpture by world class carvers.

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Auberge Saint Antoine, Quebec City Quebec City

Quebec is the epitome of Canadian-with-a-pronounced-French-accent. It has fortifications dating back to its French origins, it has Parisian-style bistros and cafés overlooking charming squares, cobbled streets and winding alleyways.

It also has …

Hotel Le Germain Quebec Quebec City

Tucked away on a pretty little street in the heart of a neighbourhood known for its rich past and gourmet restaurants, Le Germain Quebec is the perfect, peaceful oasis. Occupying the old office building of …

Hotel 71, Quebec City Quebec City

Just a block from the 17th century ramparts of Old Quebec, the trendy and intimate Hotel 71 occupies the former National Bank of Canada building. Despite its ornate neoclassical facade, inside, the 60 rooms are decidedly modern …


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