7.5 hours (Direct)

New York

So sensational even the buildings scrape the sky

It is culturally so rich you could spend your entire holiday in Manhattan alone. But that would mean missing the museums and galleries of Brooklyn, the atmosphere of the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, the Statue of Liberty…

New York. New York. No matter how many times you’ve visited this epic city it will never fail to impress you. Walking along – say – Madison Avenue and gazing up at the skyscrapers is always a dizzying, open-mouthed experience. This is architecture on the grandest of scales; older examples like the Empire State, the Chrysler Building and the Flat Iron easily holding their own – for style - with the ever taller, ever more reflective new contenders. The art inside the architecture is world class too. The Brooklyn Design Museum, the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan and Whitney present the work of leading international painters, designers, sculptors and photographers.

It’s also a fast city. A ‘New York minute’ is defined as the time between the traffic light turning green and the guy behind hooting you. (About six seconds on a good day!) And you need to be quick too – there is so much to see and do. Jogging round Central Park, taking a ferry across to the Statue of Liberty, cruising around Times Square, shopping on Fifth Avenue, climbing the Empire State, dining out in Chinatown or Little Italy, soaking up the atmosphere of Greenwich Village, browsing around SoHo…will just one luxury, tailor-made holiday to the USA be enough?

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