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A cruise to the Caribbean with a distinct difference. You’ll be aboard a tall ship, a majestic wind-jammer presenting 30 sails to the power of the Trade Winds.

You cannot approach a Sea Cloud yacht without experiencing a feeling of anticipation. Even moored beside the dock the ships have grace and a sense of impending adventure. Out on the open sea they spring into life, with the four towering masts using 30 sails to capture the power of the wind. You, meanwhile, are lounging on the netting slung between the bows, with the ocean skimming past beneath you. Or lazing on the sun deck watching the crew busy working aloft, unfurling the great white sails. Or dining on world class food in a period saloon.

A voyage on a tall ship recalls the excitement of a sea crossing in bygone age, and the style of Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II enhances the sensation. Scrubbed wooden decks, teak benches offering horizon-wide sea views, antique marine fittings and, of course, the passenger cabins. The main deck features original-style cabins with period furniture and décor, including two suites that were used by the Sea Cloud’s owners. There are four officer’s cabins with direct access to the promenade deck and 18 outer cabins that offer modern refinements like en suite bathrooms appointed with golden taps, and large windows giving impressive ocean views.

Sea Cloud Cruises, at a glance

  • Two mighty tall ships offering the ultimate cruising-under-sail experience
  • Choice of luxurious cabins providing accommodation for up to 64 passengers
  • Most with portholes or windows
  • Period décor throughout, including marble fireplaces, antique desks and walk-in closets
  • En suite bathrooms with baths, golden fittings and marble sinks
  • Sun decks with loungers and deck chairs
  • Activities depend on the vessel and itinerary but can include Zodiac boats for shore excursions
  • Snorkelling, bathing from a platform and water sledding
  • Fitness studio and running/walking circuit
  • Lounge, library and interesting talks
  • Excellent cuisine served in an elegant dining room

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Where will Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II take you?

  • Caribbean and Cuba
  • Costa Rica and Central America
  • Transatlantic
  • Northern Europe
  • Southern Europe

Other itineraries in USA

  • The company is by far the best we have ever used... In fact, wherever we have travelled we have made a specific point of mentioning the company to anyone we meet.

    IR, Maldives