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A bit about me

Travelling has always been part of my life. With three aunts and an uncle living overseas (Nepal, India, Egypt and USA), there always seemed to be an excuse to visit another country. I fell in love with Africa at the age of 9, when we were lucky enough be able to rent a property in Laikipia, Kenya. We ended up spending the next seven summer holidays there, and I was captured by the people and the game, the love of African scenery (and Namibia) came much later!

I tried to steer away from the travel world and spent three years in accountancy, but soon gave into the travel bug and joined Ultimate in 2019, and was lucky enough to join Ultimate’s escorted tour to Antarctica in 2019, and then spend my first educational trip in Namibia.

My favourite place

This used to be a hard one, but having been to Antarctica in 2019, there are very few places that can compete! From the giant icebergs to the large waddle of penguins ‘sunbathing’ on the rocks, the whole experience is mind-blowing, and frustratingly impossible to catch on camera.

My favourite lodge

Hoanib Valley Camp is luxury tented camping at its best, and one of the best stargazing spots I have ever visited – there is no wonder that Prince William and Kate decided to stay there recently.

My most memorable experience

Watching the sun set over the Wahiba Sands, Oman.

My top tips

• Make sure you have a good pair of binoculars
• Gin and tonics (as much as I wish they were) are not the perfect mosquito repellent, so make sure you have proper mosquito repellent and suitable clothing
• Try not to squeeze too much into your trip, in this instance less is definitely more
• Try to avoid looking at your work emails – it’s a holiday, treat it as one