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La Merced Del Alto Boutique Hotel

Words like ‘ceaseless’ and ‘never-ending’ cross your mind. You set your camera to its widest panoramic setting and hope that the photograph will capture just a tenth of the majesty and power of the scene below you. The countryside unrolls endlessly before you, inevitably leading your eye into the distance and layer after layer of mountains marching across the far horizon, clothed in the fading greens, blues and smoke greys of distance.

Tear yourself away from the scene and you’ll discover a hotel equally as impressive. La Merced del Alto is a sparkling white liner in this ocean of land. It has luxurious rooms, all of which give you enviable views of the great outdoors, a destination restaurant and a spa that promises pampering, relaxation and reinvigoration.

La Merced del Alto, at a glance

  • Just two kilometres from Cachi and under 160 km from Salta and Cafayate
  • Fabulous setting in the Valles Calchaquies
  • Choice of 14 guest rooms including one standard, six Vista Patio, six Vista Cerros rooms and a grand suite
  • Charming neo-rustic design and furnishings
  • Stylish private bathrooms
  • Glorious views
  • A la carte restaurant serving gourmet Andean cuisine

For leisure and pleasure

  • Fine swimming pool overlooking the countryside
  • Elegant spa with two massage rooms and restorative treatments and therapies
  • Open air Jacuzzi
  • Scottish shower and solarium
  • Reading and relaxation room
  • TV and film lounge
  • Tours to discover the flora and fauna of Valles Calchaquies

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