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The driest desert on the planet


The driest desert on Planet Earth, the Atacama is a land of superlatives. In this stark yet beautiful region, expect to find steaming geysers and Chile’s largest salt flat, otherworldly rock formations and a surprisingly diverse flora and fauna.

Spanning over 100,000 square kilometres in northern Chile, the dry and seemingly desolate Atacama beckons the intrepid traveller with landscapes that are simply out of this world.

Mighty geysers erupt from the high plains of El Tatio, volcanoes soar thousands of metres above sea level and salt flats extend as far as the eye can see. Amidst this jaw-dropping lunar and volcanic scenery, whitewashed adobe Indian villages offer welcome respite from the harsh desert climate.

Atacama Desert | Chile | Ultimate Travel Company

The small town of San Pedro de Atacama, with its picturesque adobe streets, is the base for all desert adventures. The town’s history dates back some 10,000 years, and has been influenced by a variety of cultures including Spanish, Chilean, Inca and Quechua. From here you can embark on bike rides through plunging valleys and hikes to sparkling lagoons filled with black and pink flamingo.

No visit would be complete without admiring the spectacular views across the vast shimmering salt pan of Salar de Atacama. Or catching the sunset over the geological wonder that is the Valley of the Moon. With crystal-clear night skies, the stargazing in the region is second to none.

Whether you’re hiking, biking or exploring by car, the otherworldly beauty of the Atacama Desert is sure to astonish you. Combine with the Chilean Winelands, the Lake District and Patagonia for a complete holiday.

For a luxury, tailor-made itinerary that explores the Atacama Desert, get in touch with one of our Chile specialists today.

Atacama Desert | Chile | Ultimate Travel Company


What animals live in the Atacama Desert?

Vicunas, the South American grey fox, Darwin’s leaf-eared mouse and the southern viscacha – the largest member of the chinchilla family. It has surprisingly few reptile species, but some wonderful birds, including flamingos, Humboldt penguins and giant hummingbirds.

How many days should I spend in the Atacama?

If you’re in no hurry, San Pedro de Atacama and its dramatic surroundings deserve 4 – 5 days of exploration – although time will never seem enough to unravel the essence of the Atacama Desert in its entirety!

When should I visit the Atacama Desert?

The Atacama Desert and northern Chile can be visited at any time, with sunny days and spectacular night skies expected throughout the year. Occasionally, strong rains can occur in January and February which can close some visitor sites.

Atacama Desert | Chile | Ultimate Travel Company
Atacama Desert | Chile | Ultimate Travel Company


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