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Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Exploring the mysteries of the remote Easter Island is surely one of the last great travelling adventures. In Explora en Rapa Nui you have the perfect luxury base camp.

The massive statues stand before you, staring impassively into the middle distance. You stare back, trying to peer beneath the enigmatic expressions in the search for answers. Why were they created? What drove their sculptors to such incredible, self-destructive lengths? What became of the people who once lived on these remote islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Travel to Explora en Rapa Nui during your luxurious, tailor-made holiday to Chile’s Easter Island and you’ll find the answers. This award-winning hotel is set on a tranquil spot that’s the ideal base camp for exploring the island’s unique geography, archaeology and heritage – on foot, bicycle or by boat. With a choice of 20 different expeditions revealing different aspects of this astonishing corner of far-flung mystery.

Explora en Rapa Nui, at a glance

  • Modern hotel designed for explorers of enigmatic Easter Island
  • Set on a private reserve of over nine square kilometres, just eight kilometres from Hanga Roa
  • Choice of 30 rooms and suites arranged in sweeping curves
  • Huge picture windows giving panoramic views of the island and ocean
  • Guest rooms have wooden ceilings and chic interior décor
  • Suites have circular bay windows
  • Glamorous en suite bathrooms
  • Healthy and nutritional food served with premium Chilean wines, in an elegant dining room with huge views, plus Explorer’s Bar


For leisure and pleasure

  • Long, oval-shaped swimming pool with wooden sun deck and loungers
  • Spa with Jacuzzi and sauna
  • Over 20 different and exciting explorations, including day and half day adventures – all designed to cater for varying levels of expertise
  • Archaeological explorations as well as visits to the gigantic Moai statues
  • Guided hikes across the rugged island terrain
  • Bike rides around the island
  • Trips to hidden sandy beaches, cliffs and volcanoes
  • Boat tours and snorkelling expeditions

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