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Sculpted granite spires, wild horses and guanacos


The jewel in the Patagonian crown, Torres del Paine offers the definitive Patagonian experience. You’ll need to fly to Puntas Arenas and drive five hours across rolling pampas to get here, but once within the park’s boundaries you can explore its awesome dimensions on foot, horseback and mountain bike.

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The journey far south is well rewarded – especially once you get your first glimpse of the distinctive peaks of the mighty Paine Massif. These soaring granite pillars are the park’s showpiece, but they are just one among many natural wonders. Expect to find impossibly blue rivers and evergreen forests, great glaciers, fantastical geological formations and dazzling mirror-like lakes such as the serene Lake Sarmiento. Not to mention armadillos, pumas, foxes, guanacos and a myriad of interesting birds.

Whether you choose to kayak across iceberg-strewn lakes or soak up the scenery on an expertly guided tour, there are no shortage of ways to get under the skin of this pristine wilderness. If you’ve been inspired to take a luxury holiday to Torres del Paine National Park, give us a call today and start planning.

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The trekking opportunities in Torres del Paine are world-class. Each valley, peak and pass hides unique treasures, and there ​​are a number of off-the-beaten-track trails that will take you ​​deep into the park’s quieter corners.

With views of the granite towers that give the park its name, the W Trek is Torres del Paine’s most iconic. The full trek takes four full days, but it can also be broken up into shorter day hikes. For more experienced hikers, the O Circuit adds a northern section to the classic W Trek – a spectacular route away from the crowds whilst still visiting all the main highlights.

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When should I visit Torres Del Paine?

The high season runs from November to March, but you should always consider a visit during the shoulder seasons. October is a wonderful, but April is particularly special as the weather is still incredible and there’ll be virtually no other visitors to share the park with. During this period there is usually great availability in hotels, and no minimum stays. You’re also more like to see pumas!

How many days should I spend in Torres Del Paine?

At least four nights – there is so much to see and so many excursions to take on that you’ll not want to leave in a hurry. With the weather being so unpredictable in Patagonia, giving yourself a little bit longer improves your odds of a nice day to get out and about!

For those looking to delve deeper into the region as a whole, adding Argentinian Patagonia to your itinerary is a great way to experience a different set of landscapes as well as an authentic estancia stay at places like La Maipu. Experience the best of what this stunning park has to offer on a tailor-made, luxury Patagonia holiday.

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What are the best hikes in Torres Del Paine?

Two of our favourites are the hike to the Three Towers and the hike up Valle Francés – both sections of the famous W Trek. The former will reward you with the most magnificent view of the park’s iconic peaks, whilst the latter will see you climbing steep moraines and sailing in a catamaran across Lake Pehoé to reach the enchanting hanging Francés Glacier.

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