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Aria, Amazon Cruise

Every day you experience a different world of wildlife. You’re awoken by howler monkeys, you watch sloth in the sun, you’re lulled to sleep by rainforest sounds.

As your tiny boat glides quietly up the Amazonian tributary, you have the sensation that you’re entering unexplored territory. You scan the dark shadows on the banks on either side of you. Will the Amazon’s top predator, the black jaguar, be drinking at the waters edge? Your guide directs your gaze towards a sloth, perfectly camouflaged in its tree bough.

Back on the observation deck of the Aria, you relate your experiences with fellow explorers. They didn’t spot a sloth, but they’ve seen any number of dazzling birds – macaws and parrots and even the rare Harpy eagle. After an excellent dinner, accompanied by sundowners and sunset over the Amazon, you’ll turn in and dream of more adventures on the morrow.

Aria, at a glance

  • Luxurious Amazonian cruise ship launched in 2011
  • 147-foot with accommodation for 32 passengers
  • 16 generous suites – all with panoramic river views
  • Observation deck
  • Outdoor lounge
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Exercise centre
  • Dining room and indoor lounge
  • Motorised skiff expeditions with professional naturalists

Where will the Aria take you?

  • 3 nights Amazon Discovery cruise
  • 4 nights Amazon Explorer cruise
  • 7 nights Amazon Expedition cruise

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