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an impeccable coastline, picturesque mountainous hinterland and some of the world’s best dive sites

Although blessed with an impeccable coastline and a picturesque mountainous hinterland, Sulawesi’s greatest treasures lie underwater. Home to some of the world’s best dive sites, you can expect multi-coloured coral reefs and an astonishing variety of fish.

Lying at the centre of Indonesia, Sulawesi stretches out into four peninsulas (the north, east, south and southeast). A diverse region of volcanoes, mountains, lakes and jungle, the island’s striking natural beauty is hard to resist.

Heralded as one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations, the nutrient rich waters that surround the island support an incredible diversity of marine life. Dive into this under water paradise and meet dolphins, turtles, angelfish, butterflyfish, seahorses and so much more. Bunaken, a palm-fringed isle off Sulawesi’s northern coast, is a perennial favourite amongst divers, with opportunities for those of all levels to enjoy its crystal-clear waters and pristine corals.

More adventures await on land. The island’s under-explored jungle interior is home to a plethora of wildlife, including over half of Indonesia’s indigenous mammals. Look out for the dwarf buffalo, macaques, the tiny Tarsier and plenty of colourful birdlife.

Sulawesi is also home to a number of diverse ethnic communities, many of whom have lived for centuries with little to no influence from the western world. Meeting them and learning about their traditions and beliefs is a real trip highlight.

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Lembeh Resort, Lembeh Island, North Sulawesi Sulawesi Luxury Holidays & Tours

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Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi Sulawesi Luxury Holidays & Tours

It’s a truism that the more remote the destination, the more staggering the experience. Wakatobi – a private, chartered plane trip from Bali – is certainly remote. The island is also claimed to be one of …

Siladen Resort, North Sulawesi Sulawesi Luxury Holidays & Tours

It may not actually be heaven, but it must be the next best thing. The Bunaken National Marine Park is where the Indian and Pacific Oceans meet in a glorious union, the result of which …


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