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Tiger Blue, Eastern Indonesia

There are around 17,000 islands of Indonesia, some thronging with people and rich in local culture, others so far flung that their beaches are unmarked by human footprints. Tiger Blue will take you on a voyage of exploration that puts you in touch with some of the most remarkable islands that have barely changed since the days of the great 19th century explorer Alfred Russell Wallace.

The Spice Islands of Banda, for example, once the centre of the 17th century nutmeg trade and now home to super-sized coral gardens, huge forts, whales and hammerheads. Or Komodo Island; a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you’ll encounter the famous dragons, and dive amongst dolphins and manta rays from breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Or the remote Raja Ampat – a collection of islands that are barely inhabited, but teeming with life beneath the surface. Over 1,320 species of reef fish and more than 500 different corals have been recorded in the pristine, underwater wilderness of the ‘Four Kings’.

But when you voyage aboard Tiger Blue, the journey becomes the destination. You will be able to fully indulge your love of watersports, dive and snorkel to your hearts content, sleep on deck beneath the stars and dine on superb, chef-prepared cuisine worthy of a first class boutique hotel.

Don't just take our word for it... read David Wicker's review of Tiger Blue in the Daily Mail here>>

Tiger Blue, at a glance

  • Choice of two master suites with king-sized beds
  • One Cabin with two single beds
  • Family Cabin with one king-sized and two single beds
  • En suite bathrooms and fresh water showers
  • Air conditioning
  • Top sun deck
  • Dining deck
  • On board Salon
  • Padi Dive centre
  • Dive platform
  • Two ribs plus kayaks., water skis, wake and knee boards
  • Fishing tackle

Where will Tiger Blue take you?

  • Komodo - a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site, which is home to the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo dragon
  • Raja Ampat - located off the northwest tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsular on the island of New Guinea in Indonesia’s West Papua province
  • The Banda Islands - a group of small volcanic islands in the Banda Sea
  • Fancy somewhere different - Tiger Blue is open to alternative routes should your wish to explore elsewhere

Other itineraries in Indonesia

  • We have just returned from what was a holiday of a lifetime. I can't thank you enough. The organisation was meticulous and made our lives so much easier. When we plan another holiday we'll be sure to speak with Ultimate Travel first.

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