Mekong Delta

flooded emerald forests and traditional villages

Fed by the mighty Mekong River, the Mekong Delta is an alluring labyrinth of criss-crossing canals, rivers and streams. Gliding past flooded emerald forests and traditional villages, a visit here is a welcome retreat from city life.

The world’s largest delta at 39,000 square kilometres, life along the Mekong Delta has hardly changed in the last few hundred years. Dubbed the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, this fertile region is dominated by rice paddies, verdant orchards and fish farms.

Immerse yourself in river life by taking a cruise boat along the shaded waterways; floating along the calm waters you will pass by houses standing on bamboo stilts and fisherman casting their nets from dugout canoes. You’ll also have a chance to visit wing-tipped Chinese pagodas and enigmatic Buddhist monasteries. Keep your eyes peeled for painted storks and spot-billed pelicans.

At the heart of the delta lies Can Tho, a lively city filled with hawker stalls, lush gardens and ancient temples. Renowned for its floating markets, it’s worth waking up at dawn to experience it in action. See boats piled high with exotic fruits and vegetables, watch the locals barter for fresh produce and sample some of the goods yourself.

Don’t miss out on the lesser known but picturesque town of Tra Vinh, whose collection of Khmer relics and pagodas offer an insight into the region’s Cambodian influence.

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