British Virgin Islands

You could spent two months in the British Virgin Islands, without visiting the same one twice

In the British Virgin Islands it’s very easy to have ‘cast away on a tropical island miles from civilisation’ fantasies. Because it’s true. With over 60 to choose from, you could easily find yourself on a truly deserted island.

There are over 60 different British Virgin Islands and all of them have their own individual character. So talk to Alison Jones – our acknowledged expert consultant on this wonderful region – about going island hopping.

Embark on either on a sail away day in your own small boat, or on a longer, more leisurely cruise; and discover completely deserted beaches on uninhabited droplets of land surrounded by topaz seas. Or tucked away resorts where splendid green iguanas stroll casually past sunbathing visitors. Or tiny islands that boast local restaurants like Saba Rock, accessible only by boat and serving some of the most succulent seafood you’ll ever have eaten.

As well as phenomenal restaurants – the 370 year old Sugar Mill is another example of the region’s culinary excellence - Alison has a couple more surprises up her sleeve. Like The Baths.

The Baths on Virgin Gorda is a wildliy dramatic rock formation and site of a former copper mine dating back to the 19th century. Today, its granite boulders form sheltered sea pools on a gorgeous beach, whilst beneath the surface you’re suddenly confronted with silvery shoals of vibrant tropical fish darting between fantastical coral formations.

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