Puerto Rico

The smallest of the Greater Antilles – but perhaps the island with the biggest store of surprises

This is astounding, you think to yourself. You’re in a kayak, at the dead of night, in the middle of a lake…that’s glowing. Don’t be surprised; the bio-luminescent Laguna Grande is just one of Puerto Rico’s many wonders.

Wait until you discover Camuy Caves. One of the largest system of caverns, underground tunnels and chambers in the world, Camuy will delight with soaring caves the size of cathedrals, over seven miles of subterranean pathways and troglodyte inhabitants like a strange, blind fish.

Talk to Alison Jones – one of our expert consultants - about exploring Puerto Rico and she’ll also tell you about El Yunque; a cool, ethereally beautiful and mysterious rainforest with dense vegetation, twinkling streams and cascading waterfalls at every turn. She’ll also recommend you immerse yourself in the culture and history of this engaging island.

It was discovered by Christopher Columbus and its capital, San Juan, became the major port in the Spanish Caribbean. Its fortifications resisted Francis Drake’s advances in 1595 and repulsed many notorious buccaneers.

Today the capital is much more welcoming to visitors. You can expect to find yourself at the heart of one of the Caribbean’s busiest ports; surrounded by great historic buildings, charming old plazas, ancient forts and city walls, grand colonial palaces, superb shops and restaurants – especially if you love seafood – and an enthusiastic nightlife.

The original Spanish settlers were right to name this island ‘rich port’.

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