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Strange and wonderful wildlife.150,000 endemic species of flora and fauna. And a wide variety of cultures and tribes

Some 80 million years ago Madagascar decided to break away from Africa. It has been ‘going its own way’ ever since and the result is a destination quite unlike anywhere else on the planet…

The first time you come face-to-face with a ring-tailed lemur you will be bewitched. Is it a strange prehistoric cat, a tree-living dog or a primitive monkey? Look into its eyes and you may understand why the name lemur is derived from the Latin for ‘spirits of the dead’.

There are 23 different species of lemur on Madagascar, and they are not alone. There are 70 different species of bird – the island is a twitcher’s paradise – not to mention two thirds of the world’s species of chameleon and over 150,000 endemic species of flora.

Tania – one of our Madagascar experts – loves the island for ‘the incredible diversity of the different areas. How each place is utterly different and there is so much to offer and see from incredible birds and trees and lemurs to the very friendly locals, the interesting culture and fascinating history’.

Ask her to create you a tailor-made holiday to Madagascar and expect to explore wildlife reserves with fossilised forests. Expect Jurassic landscapes. Expect fantastical rock formations. Expect to find an ancient culture that includes sculpted totems and richly decorated tombs devoted to the Malagasy ‘Cult of Ancestors’.

On Madagascar, expect to step outside the world of luxury holiday hotels, and into the unexpected.

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