Since 1st January 2020, The Ultimate Travel Company has been doing more than simply offsetting the carbon footprint created by its London office and staff. We are now offsetting the thousands of flights we arrange for our customers as well.

How? By planting three hundred acres of Mangrove trees in Madagascar. This area alone will absorb 37,000 tonnes of CO2, far in excess of the emissions from our own and our clients’ travels, over the ten year planting cycle. We are very excited by this initiative and hope you share some of our enthusiasm. It will not alone save our planet, but will hopefully help in a small way.

Your support will be greatly appreciated, should you decide to book a holiday with The Ultimate Travel Company.

Thank you.

Nick Van Gruisen
Managing Director

Mangrove trees Mangrove growing

Why Mangrove Trees in Madagascar?

Madagascar has lost 80% of its forests in the last 100 years.

Mangroves grow quickly and can store up to four times as much carbon, per acre, than a tropical rainforest.

75% of all tropical fish lay their eggs in mangrove roots.

In these turbulent times of storms, tsunamis and rising water levels, mangrove forests are one of the best antidotes to coastline degradation and erosion.

The trees will also be planted by the local community, thereby creating employment. Our initiative alone will require 1,200 working days per annum.

 Mangrove planting People planting mangroves

Who are we working with?

We will be working closely with Offset Earth, a young, dynamic and resourceful group who manage the project. I am very confident that they will use our contributions wisely, and with a minimum of overhead to ensure that they go as far as possible. Offset Earth’s partners in Madagascar, Eden Reforestation Projects, are also one of the leaders in their field with more than 20 years of experience. So we are in safe hands.

Madagascar community Mangrove seed planting

For more details on the numerous charities we work with, please click here.