Gorillas are truly impressive. But so is the accessibility of Rwanda’s wildlife and its beautiful habitat

By Africa’s standards, Rwanda is a small country. Yet it is home to half the world’s population of mountain gorillas. Which means you’re certain to come face-to-face with one of man’s most expressive near-relatives.

There is something about meeting a wild mountain gorilla. It is awe-inspiring and humbling at one and the same time. You stand, or sit, beside one of these hugely powerful creatures - your eyes averted as gorilla etiquette demands - and you suddenly realise you’re at peace. Perfectly calm, but also tingling with excitement.

Tania Buhlmann – one of our leading experts - offers important advice when meeting mountain gorillas. She recommends you visit them twice. The first hour to take the photographs you must have. Then “on the second time you can quietly sit and watch these majestic creatures”.

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is the leading gorilla-trekking region in the world, but this lush, green country also offers a wealth of other tourist opportunities.

There is an incredible diversity of birds, primates and flora in Nyungwe National Park – one of the largest tracts of unspoilt rainforest on the continent, whilst Kigali – location of the heart-breaking Genocide Museum - is a vibrancy of colour, bustling markets and bazaars.

Ask Tania to suggest a tailor-made itinerary just for you.

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