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Matamanene Camp, Liuwa Plains

Originally designed for researchers studying the wildlife and habitat of the Liuwa Plains, Matamanene Camp is – quite literally – the only place to stay if you want to immerse yourself in the true nature of Liuwa Plains National Park. It stands at the heart of the park; a tiny cluster of tents gathered around a small tree island. To say it is remote is a masterful piece of British understatement; it can only be reached by private plane from Lusaka to the outpost town of Kalabo, followed by a two-to-three hour drive through untouched bush.

It’s a journey only a handful of visitors ever make. Yet its destination is ultimately rewarding – especially if your idea of a luxury, tailor-made holiday to Zambia means being uncontactable; free to concentrate on nature.

Matamanene Camp, at a glance

  • Genuine bush camp in an isolated setting in the heart of Liuwa Plains National Park
  • Three hours’ drive from the nearest outpost
  • Originally built for African Parks Rangers and Liuwa Plains Carnivore Project researchers
  • Choice of only four tents with canvas roofs and walls
  • Spacious and comfortable for a true under-canvas safari experience
  • Private safari-style showers
  • Electricity by powered generator only
  • Hearty camp food served in the lounge and under the sky

For leisure and pleasure

  • Main lounge is brick-built with thatched roof
  • Freedom from TVs, internet and WiFi, phones and the outside world
  • Naturally welcoming staff and expert local guides
  • Exploration of the vast plain
  • Close up sightings of lion, hyena and wildebeest
  • Buffalo now reintroduced
  • Large numbers of zebra
  • Exceptional birdlife and great drives through the remote habitat
  • Unforgettable views of predators in action
  • Catherine was so friendly, helpful & efficient that right from the start we felt our holiday was being well organised.

    A.S. and T. Everson, Netherlands