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The Cook's

  • Rarotonga, Aitutaki
The Cook's
The Cook Classic'/>
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So far flung they’re known as the Last Paradise.

The 15 drops of heaven that make up the Cook Islands are the ideal destination for honeymooners, romantics celebrating their life together and anyone who just wants ultimate relaxation.

Your journey will take you to the other end of the Earth, and you will discover a totally different world; Rarotonga with its warm lagoon, indigo ocean, cool rainforest and towering mountains – and Aitutaki, the natural destination for honeymooners, with its luxurious resort of beachfront villas and world class beaches. How did Captain Cook bring himself to leave such a place?

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Day 1-7



Fly into a world of vivid colour, tropical sunshine, glorious beaches, coral reefs and crescent-shaped, aquamarine lagoons. Rarotonga is the gateway to the fabled Cook Islands. Only a mere 20 miles in circumference you could easily cycle around Rarotonga – or even more easily take a bus or scooter – and discover tiny fishing villages and forgotten beaches strung together like pearls by a single thread-like road. Or you could head inland towards the mighty central mountains – and find yourself winding through deep green rainforest and plantations of taro, pawpaw and banana.

Stay: Six nights at the prestigious Nautilus Resort.

Day 8-13



Just an hour away lies another tiny drop of South Sea perfection. Turbulent volcanic action threw up an island of unsurpassed beauty and tranquillity, creating in its wake a breath-taking lagoon edged by an idyllic beach. This is the ultimate place for romance – or to simply unwind on soft sand, the sound of lapping waves and whispering palms in your ears, and wish that life could always be this way. Especially as you’ll be staying in one of the most luxurious resorts in the whole of the Cook Islands.

Stay: Six nights in a beachfront villa at the
Aitutaki Escape.

Day 14-15

Cook Islands - Home

Alas, today you leave the Cook Islands and fly back home.

  • It was a complicated itinerary for 12 people and Tania got it spot on!

    EM, South Africa