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An 11th century resident in Tallinn would still find his way round the old town today

In winter the countryside is a frozen wonderland and the Baltic Sea becomes your ice road. In summer you might be meet a bear ambling across a forest road. Estonia offers you a wonderful array of experiences.

Scattered along Estonia’s coastline there are hundreds of beaches, so you’re sure to find one all to yourself. You could be similarly alone in Estonia’s forests – almost half the country is woodlands criss-crossed by hiking trails and dotted with ancient manor houses and castles. So if you’re keen on nature or history, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this beautiful land.

But if you’re a lover of unusual cities, you’ll find Tallinn sublime.

It is the best preserved and protected Medieval city in the entire of Europe, and a complete treasure trove of churches, quaint houses, mercantile warehouses and barns dating back to the 11th century. Wander the cobbled streets and you’ll discover a veritable jumble of historic state buildings, fine residences, tiny shops and crooked market squares. Walk around the ancient city walls and you’ll find centuries-old watch towers. Small wonder the Old Town is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

Talk to one of our consultants, Jo Abbott, and she’ll recommend horse riding in summer, ice fishing and snow shoeing in winter – and extending your stay to take in the delightful Muhu Island, linked to the mainland by a causeway.

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