The Indonesian archipelago. So diverse, so appealing, it cannot fail to catch your imagination

Java, Bali, Sulawesi. Just saying the names over to yourself conjures up images of irresistible beaches, shambling orangutans, intricate temples and living volcanoes. Actually, you’re seeing the diverse world of Indonesia.

Picture yourself in Indonesia. You’re on honeymoon; it’s July or August and the weather is gorgeous, because Indonesia is the only Asian country with a dry season that coincides with the British summer.

Now imagine you’re sun-dozing on a beach in Lombok, beside a traditional out-rigger fishing canoe.

Or you’re standing quietly in a lush rainforest, being examined by the soulful eyes of a large adult orangutan. Or searching for real live dragons in Komodo National Park. Or watching Mount Bromo belch a towering plume of white smoke high into the blue sky.

You might be in Borobudur, on Java, trying to take a photograph that conveys the scale, majesty and detail of one of the most stunning and ornate Buddhist temples you’ve ever seen.

Perhaps you’re snorkelling or diving; surrounded by shoals of dazzling, darting fish and coral reefs, beneath the waves of Sulawesi’s impeccable white coastline.

Indonesia encompasses more than 17,000 islands flung across the Pacific and Indian oceans. To find your Indonesia you need a tailor-made itinerary. Ask Neil Dunham, one of our experts, to a create a tailored luxury holiday, just for you.

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  • It was a complicated itinerary for 12 people and Tania got it spot on!

    EM, South Africa, 2015