If you were to dedicate every day to lounging in the sun on a different, silvery white beach – the warm Caribbean sea lapping at your toes – you could spend a year on Antigua and never visit the same beach twice.

If you’re a connoisseur of beaches, Antigua has to represent an ultimate dream destination. There are 365 different beaches on the island, so you can sample great stretches of practically deserted, silvery white sand. Or tucked away sandy inlets that only have your footprints running across them. Or secret coves that can only be reached by boat. Or bays with happening bars and lively beaches.

Talk to Jo Abbott – one of our Antigua consultants - about taking a holiday on Antigua and she’ll tell you about finding your perfect beach – by sailing around the island in a catamaran or private yacht. She’ll talk to you about scuba diving off coral reefs and snorkelling with a myriad of multi-coloured fish.

She’ll also take you beyond the beaches. Antigua has a fascinating maritime heritage – it was once the most important English naval base in the entire Caribbean and Nelson’s Dockyard at English Harbour will give you a fascinating insight into the lives of England’s sea dogs.

And high above the Dockyards is Shirley’s Heights – the scene of the island’s biggest barbecue, with reggae, steel bands and dancing every Sunday. Nelson would have loved it!

  • It was a complicated and very individual trip, and several changes were made by me during the planning. None of this seemed to worry Ayesha and everything went according to plan.

    AM, India, 2014


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